NB resource use

better energy

Nuclear Batteries have 2x the energy density of CCGT’s and 30x the density of renewables such as wind or solar NBs can provide stable clean power on-site that does not need storage. the NB is effectively the source and “storage” device, charged by nucleonics

no fuel supply

NBs are the only energy technology that requires no continuous supply of fuel or resources to operate.in addition to being inherently more resilient than a pipeline and transmission based centralized technology, the NB advanced production system uses a fraction of the infrastructure

less mass per MWh

each Metric Ton per MWh has to be mined, processed, manufactured, shipped, and installed, all powered by Fossil. NB systems use 1/10th the metric tons of steel, plastics, and concrete when compared to NG  systems.    compared to renewables, the NB systems use 1/50th the resources